Let your Representative know that manufacturers need Washington to address the regulatory burden we face in order to accelerate economic growth

There has been much talk on how regulations are hampering our ability to grow, create jobs and compete – but finally we’re starting to see the potential for Washington to take action. This week we expect the U.S. House of Representatives to begin officially “disapproving” several costly and burdensome regulations implemented by the Obama Administration. Manufacturers face 297,696 regulations, but this week we have the potential to begin to address 3 important regulations that directly affect manufacturers:

  • The “Venting and Flaring Rule”, issued by the Department of the Interior (DOI);
  • The “Stream Protection Rule”, also issued by the Department of the Interior (DOI); and,
  • The “Federal Contractor Blacklisting Rule” from the Federal Acquisition Regulatory (FAR) Council

Take action to let your Representative know that repealing these regulations is a priority for manufacturers!

Congress needs to understand that complying with needlessly onerous regulations is one of the top operational challenges manufacturers face by adding cost burdens to hiring, increasing salaries and wages, increased R&D and capital expenditures. We need Congress to begin to repeal unnecessary and costly regulations in order to strengthen manufacturing in America – and they need to hear from you.

Take action to contact your Representative and let him or her know that manufacturers support regulatory reform that eliminates duplicative and unnecessarily costly rules that only serve as impediments to growth and innovation.


Additional Information on these specific regulations are below:

·         DOI’s Venting and Flaring Rule

·         DOI’s Stream Protection Rule

·         The FAR Council Blacklisting Rule


For more information, please contact:

Rosario Palmieri

Vice President, Labor, Legal and Regulatory Policy


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